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Free Banking for the World

Banks Need to Change

Banking is too expensive and fails to reach much of the world's population. Banks rely on decades old technology involving thousands of brick and mortar branches and tens of thousands of salaried employees.

Our Solution: Crowd-Banking

Using the latest technology the LakeBanker system will coordinate a massive network of individuals, merchants and other institutions who will provide banking services to one another. We will have few employees but millions will work for us.

Zero Fees

Free domestic and international transfers and merchant payments make bank wires, Western Union, MoneyGram, Visa, MasterCard, BitPay, Coinbase, Ripple, and ATM machines obsolete. Powered by Crowd-Banking, LakeBanker is reaching billions of people and bringing cryptos to the world.

Risk Adjusted Returns

LakeBanker project is a sustainable business, not a charity. Our risk adjusted returns will be much higher than most banks, including successful community banks such as Wells Fargo. Read our White Paper and participate in our Token Sale.



Strong Risk Management

LakeBanker delivers vastly improved risk management when compared with traditional banks.

Reduced Overhead

We don’t need high street branches or half a million salaried employees.


Networks of LakeBankers can be created wherever people have smartphones.

Exponential Growth

LakeBanker leverages network effects that encourage it to grow exponentially.

Immediate Liquidity

The LakeBanker token, BAC, will be tradable shortly after Phase 2.

Cryptos to Billions

As a LakeBTC spinoff, LakeBanker offers all users secure, user-friendly access to cryptos.

Read the LakeBanker White Paper



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Token Sale

The team behind plan to spinoff the LakeBanker project and launch a Token Sale under an independent entity, LakeBanker Foundation. BAC tokens will be issued to participants who contribute bitcoins (BTC), ethers (ETH), and litecoin (LTC). All contributions are final and non-refundable.

We also have our LakeBanker Bounty Programs.

 Potential participants are encouraged to buy AS SOON AS POSSIBLE to avoid last minute problems such as
  • BAC tokens are sold out.
  • LakeBTC security rules stopping you from transferring funds. For example, no payments are allowed within 48 hours after password changes, Google Authenticator resets, or cellphone verifications.
  • Bitcoin/Ethereum blockchain confirmation delays.
  • Heavy demand and network congestions.

Phase 2 - Dutch Auction

  • Contributions received now goes to Phase 2.
  • Start date is TBA (to be announced), depending on the market conditions and other criteria.
  • No more than 240,000,000 BAC (240 million) will be offered in Phase 2.
  • There is a hidden cap of target ETH received (including BTC and LTC, calculated at the market rate). The cap will be made public when 80% of the cap is reached.
  • Phase 2 ends when either the ETH cap is reached or tokens are sold out. The final auction price is determined according to the table.
  • All successful participants enjoy the same final auction price.

After Phase 2 is completed:

  • ERC20-compatible BAC tokens will be issued to successful participants.
  • BAC trading will be enabled at shortly after.
  • Unsold tokens will be retained by the team.
Phase 2 - Dutch Auction1 ETH = ? BAC
First hour and before100
Hour 2104
Hour 3108
Hour N100 + (N-1)×4
Hour 201 and after900

Phase 2 FAQ

1. Why is the price going down?
This is how Dutch auctions work.

2. Then why not wait until the last hour to get the lowest price?
You can do that. But if all the tokens are sold or the cap is reached before that, the auction ends and you would not purchase any token.

3. If I participate early, do I pay more than other bidders.
No, that will not happen. All successful participants get the same price. For example, if you participate at hour 1 and the auction ends at hour 3, everybody gets the same Hour-3 price of 1 ETH = 108 BAC, which is the best price for all.

4. This is too complicated. I like your project and want to participate. Just tell me what to do.
  • If you don't have a price in mind, participate now to guarantee your participation and enjoy the best price determined by the market.
  • If you do have a target price, participate as soon as when that price comes. For example, if your target price is 1 ETH = 108 BAC, bid at Hour 3.
5. I don't have ETH. Can I send BTC?
Yes, of course. The market determined ETH/BTC conversion rate will be published on the Start Date.

6. Can I send FIAT?
You will need to convert your FIAT fund into BTC before participating.

7. I have sent the money. Where are my BAC tokens?
When Phase 2 ends, the final auction price will be available and the appropriate number of tokens will be distributed to your account.



* Certain conditions apply, while most services are free for the vast majority of the users.

** Token Sale prices were updated on July 15. Note that we reserve the right to adjust prices before the sale starts if the market prices change dramatically.