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通過使用最新的科技手段,LakeBanker 網路可以調動大量的個人、商戶、機構為人們提供各種金融服務。無需雇傭大量員工,但是將有百萬、千萬、甚至更多的人為我們工作


完全免費國內國際轉帳、商護收款服務將使銀行電匯、西聯匯款、速匯金、 維薩、萬事達信用卡、BitPay、Coinbase、Ripple、和自動櫃員機過時。結合我們的眾金模式,LakeBanker 將覆蓋 數以億計的人群並將加密貨幣帶給全世界


LakeBanker 項目將會是壹個盈利良好的企業,而不是壹個慈善項目。我們的風險回報將會遠遠高於傳統銀行,包括社區銀行的典範富國銀行。 詳見LakeBanker 白皮書 並參與我們的 代幣銷售




LakeBanker 擁有比傳統銀行更強的風險管理。




LakeBanker 網路可以覆蓋全球任何有手機信號的角落。


LakeBanker 網路可以象原子能的鏈式反應一樣爆炸式增長。


LakeBanker 的 BAC 代幣將於Phase 2结束在交易所開始交易。


LakeBTC 獨立出來的 LakeBanker 項目為全球用戶提供了安全、易用的加密貨幣服務。

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LakeBanker 項目將會從 中獨立出來,作為一個獨立的實體運作並發起一個代幣銷售。 BAC代幣銷售接受比特幣(BTC),以太坊(ETH),和萊特幣(LTC)付款。所有銷售是不可退換變更。

We also have our LakeBanker Bounty Programs.

  • BAC 代幣售罄。
  • LakeBTC 安保措施可能會禁止轉帳。例如,修改密碼/充值穀歌二次認證/手機號碼確認後48小時內禁止對外支付。
  • 比特幣/以太坊區塊鏈確認時間緩慢。
  • 網路突發高流量和擁堵。

Phase 2 - Dutch Auction

  • Contributions received now goes to Phase 2.
  • Start date is TBA (to be announced), depending on the market conditions and other criteria.
  • No more than 240,000,000 BAC (240 million) will be offered in Phase 2.
  • There is a hidden cap of target ETH received (including BTC and LTC, calculated at the market rate). The cap will be made public when 80% of the cap is reached.
  • Phase 2 ends when either the ETH cap is reached or tokens are sold out. The final auction price is determined according to the table.
  • All successful participants enjoy the same final auction price.

After Phase 2 is completed:

  • ERC20-compatible BAC tokens will be issued to successful participants.
  • BAC trading will be enabled at shortly after.
  • Unsold tokens will be retained by the team.
Phase 2 - Dutch Auction1 ETH = ? BAC
First hour and before100
Hour 2104
Hour 3108
Hour N100 + (N-1)×4
Hour 201 and after900

Phase 2 FAQ

1. Why is the price going down?
This is how Dutch auctions work.

2. Then why not wait until the last hour to get the lowest price?
You can do that. But if all the tokens are sold or the cap is reached before that, the auction ends and you would not purchase any token.

3. If I participate early, do I pay more than other bidders.
No, that will not happen. All successful participants get the same price. For example, if you participate at hour 1 and the auction ends at hour 3, everybody gets the same Hour-3 price of 1 ETH = 108 BAC, which is the best price for all.

4. This is too complicated. I like your project and want to participate. Just tell me what to do.
  • If you don't have a price in mind, participate now to guarantee your participation and enjoy the best price determined by the market.
  • If you do have a target price, participate as soon as when that price comes. For example, if your target price is 1 ETH = 108 BAC, bid at Hour 3.
5. I don't have ETH. Can I send BTC?
Yes, of course. The market determined ETH/BTC conversion rate will be published on the Start Date.

6. Can I send FIAT?
You will need to convert your FIAT fund into BTC before participating.

7. I have sent the money. Where are my BAC tokens?
When Phase 2 ends, the final auction price will be available and the appropriate number of tokens will be distributed to your account.



* Certain conditions apply, while most services are free for the vast majority of the users.

** Token Sale prices were updated on July 15. Note that we reserve the right to adjust prices before the sale starts if the market prices change dramatically.