LakeBanker is a spinoff of cryptocurrency exchange, LakeBTC. Its operations began in 2013 and LakeBTC now has 10 million user accounts created from 162 countries. We support 42 currencies and 52 payment methods with hundreds more to come. LakeBTC is probably the only major platform without stolen coins, security scandals or flash crashes. As one of the most valuable brand names in the industry, LakeBTC is proven to be robust, reliable, and trustworthy. LakeBanker inherits its core team, expertise, technology and culture. Our CEO is Thomas Xie, co-founder of LakeBTC, cryptocurrency veteran and serial entrepreneur.

Initial versions of the LakeBanker system have been developed and tested. We currently have a network of around 2,000 LakeBankers. Dozens of currencies and payment methods are supported, and more are coming soon. The demand has been very strong, even with no public announcements or media reports. We plan to spinoff the LakeBanker project and launch a Token Sale under an independent entity, LakeBanker Foundation. A new token called banc (BAC) will be issued to participants who contribute BTC, ETH, and LTC.


LakeBanker Beta


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