Despite advances in technology the traditional banking sector remains inefficient, expensive and for many impossible to access. Our mission is to make core banking services free, for everyone, forever, and to deliver a full suite of financial services, including access to cryptocurrencies, at a much lower cost.

LakeBanker System

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Concept: Crowd Banking

Banking is all about risk and risk-adjusted returns.

LakeBanker will do 10 times more risk management than what your bank is doing.

Thomas Xie

Using the latest technology we will coordinate an innovative Crowd-Banking solution in which users supply banking services to one another. We will have few employees but millions will work for us. The system will be accessed through an easy-to-use mobile app designed for individuals and merchants where sending a payment, exchanging money, or investing in the latest Blockchain technologies will be as easy as sending a text message. Compared with traditional banks, our model delivers improved risk management, massively reduced operational overheads and reach into underbanked populations.

In the LakeBanker system, money will flow with little friction, from one individual to another, from one currency to another and from one country to another. Technology has overhauled many industries. We do that now for banking. This is how we bring free banking to the world.

LakeBanker will

  • do strong due diligence and risk management and KYC/AML.
  • make cryptos available to billions.
  • offer Free domestic and international payments (vs. bank wire, Western Union, MoneyGram).
  • offer Free payments to merchants (vs. Visa, MasterCard, BitPay, Coinbase).
  • grow exponentially with the free services and crowd banking model.
  • eliminate ATM machines and POS machines.
  • reach billions of users in the world, including those unbanked and underbanked, as operational cost is low and our risk-adjusted return is high.
  • offer affordable and accessible loans.

Strong Risk Management


Exponential Growth

Exp growth

The Token: BAC

A new token called banc (BAC) will become the de facto token in the LakeBanker system, where all fees and interest will be denominated by BAC. BAC will be based on the Ethereum blockchain and ERC20-compliant. The total number of BAC will be 500,000,000 (500 million), of which 250,000,000 will be offered in the Token Sale, 125,000,000 will be reserved for our User Growth Fund, and the remaining 125,000,000 will be distributed to the team. There is a 5-year vesting schedule for the team tokens, where only 20% is available for trading every year.

BAC Token Distribution