Thomas Xie - CEO

Cryptocurrency veteran since 2011. Co-founder of LakeBTC, one of the leading cryptocurrency platforms in the world. After graduated from Beijing Institute of Technologies and worked for IBM, Thomas became a serial entrepreneur with 18 years of experience in technology and financial services industries.


Andrew McCarthy - CSO

Andrew's background is in Higher Education: He obtained a Ph.D from University of Oxford where he also taught Logic for 10 years. Andrew was an early investor in Bitcoin and has long been interested in the power of blockchain technology to serve humanitarian ends.


Fei Fei - VP, Corporate Alliances

Fei has a background in finance, marketing and education. After completing her Masters of Engineering degree at University of Oxford, she worked for Siemens in marketing and project management in the UK and Germany before becoming the China Director of a Global Education Charity. She was also an early adopter of Bitcoin.


Aaron Lu - VP, Operations

Since Day 1, Aaron has been focusing on the operations and training of the LakeBanker project. Before joining the project, Aaron has 8 years of experience in retail banking, loan origination, credit cards, and risk management.

Advisory Board


William Xie

Dr. Xie has nearly 20 years of experience in the financial services industry, including investment banking, wholesale and retail banking, private equities, and wealth management. He's also an early investor in bitcoin and blockchain startups. After obtaining his Ph.D degree at Duke University, he worked for Bank of America and J.P. Morgan. Dr. Xie is also an FAA licensed pilot, sky diver, and nitrox scuba diver. When not busy flying helicopters, Dr. Xie loves to read about new technologies and history.


Jon Southurst

Jon is a technology writer and senior editor at He has a background in public relations, media and journalism, with a focus on new technology - especially when it has the potential to shift power balances. Jon has covered the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency industry since its earlier days, starting as Asia Editor at CoinDesk in 2013 and then writing for news and Bitcoinist. He enjoys reading about history and economics.


James Drake

James Drake is the CEO of Embermine, Inc. blockchain startup building a smart contract deployment platform being developed for a 2018 release; and the Editor-in-Chief for and its syndicated news and information network focused upon making the blockchain and cryptocurrency industries accessible to everyone. His dedication to identifying and developing cutting edge technologies has allowed Mr. Drake to bring several new technologies to market since 1995, affording him the opportunity to serve as an advisor on several exciting projects, including numerous blockchain endeavors, helping them raise over 30 million dollars in capital funding over the past eighteen months. Drake is also a published fantasy fiction writer and loves games of all kinds, in particular chess and Scrabble.


Allen Scott

Allen is the editor-in-chief at, one of the fastest growing cryptocurrency news sources. An early adopter of Bitcoin since 2013, he successfully managed editorial teams at and Cointelegraph, helping grow these businesses from the ground up. With a background in journalism and economics, Allen has interviewed some of the most prominent experts, entrepreneurs and thought-leaders within the cryptocurrency space.


Scott Fargo

Scott is the Editor-in-Chief and content manager at, and was Editor-in-Chief at News and Bitcoinist (until December 2016) plus Inside Bitcoins, and others. He began Bitcoin mining in 2010, becoming a prominent figure in that community. He turned to cryptocurrency journalism in 2013 after a spinal injury left him disabled, and he remains active in mining and other discussions.

Scott has over 20 years of IT, Systems and Network Administration, and Business Management experience — which he now applies to his work in the Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency industry.